Building Capacity and Raising Awareness to Popularize Circular Economy in Armenia


To ignite a systemic shift in the Armenian economy and society at large towards circularity.


We are on a mission to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time: creating a sustainable future through the adoption of Circular Economy principles.


Empower Civil Society: Strengthening civil society's role in the Armenian Coalition for Circularity. Foster Circular Entrepreneurship: Promoting the adoption of Circular Economy principles in the Armenian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Raise Circular Awareness: Increasing understanding and sensitivity to circularity among Armenian citizens.

This is the first time the EU delegation in Armenia is funding a project about circular economy. We have high expectations from the project and look forward to seeing the ecosystem coming together for a greener Armenia.”

Frank Hess – Head of Cooperation – EU Delegation in Armenia

About Us

Welcome to CirculUP!

We are an innovative initiative dedicated to driving the transition to a circular economy in Armenia.

But what exactly is the problem we are trying to solve, and why should you care?


Main Components

CirculUP! is a comprehensive project that consists of several key components, bringing together various stakeholders to create a positive impact on the Armenian economy and society. 

“Thrilled to be part of the CirculUP! project in Armenia, where circular economy ideals take center stage. Empowering entrepreneurs, collaborating with CSOs, and creating a coalition that could support government efforts – all while spreading awareness among the population. Together, we’re weaving sustainability into the fabric of our nation’s future.”

Ani Baboomian – CirculUP! Program Manager