The Project


Main Components

CirculUP! is a comprehensive project that consists of several key components, bringing together various stakeholders to create a positive impact on the Armenian economy and society. 

As part of our mission to empower civil society actors, entrepreneurs, and innovators, CirculUP! implements capacity building and training programs. These programs provide participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to understand and implement Circular Economy principles. Workshops, seminars, and training sessions are conducted to develop skills and foster innovation.

The project also includes an incubation and acceleration program to support early-stage social entrepreneurs and startups. Selected participants receive mentorship, guidance, and resources to develop and scale their circular business ideas. This component aims to create a supportive ecosystem for circular initiatives and foster the growth of sustainable ventures.

One of the core objectives of CirculUP! is to raise awareness and promote the concept of circularity among Armenian citizens. We conduct awareness campaigns, public events, and educational initiatives to engage the community and enhance their understanding of Circular Economy principles. These efforts aim to instill a greater sensitivity towards the environment and encourage sustainable practices.

CirculUP! actively engages with policymakers, government agencies, and relevant stakeholders to advocate for policies and regulations that support Circular Economy practices. Collaborations with local and international organizations are fostered to create a conducive environment for circular initiatives and facilitate knowledge sharing.

CirculUP! is a collaborative effort involving multiple organizations and partners. The project is led by Impact Hub Network, Impact Hub Yerevan, and the Environment and Health NGO, with funding from the European Union in Armenia. 

“CirculUP! represents for the Impact Hub in Armenia – and our Network globally – the opportunity to spearhead a country-wide movement that engages entrepreneurs, civil society, business and the public sector in collaborative action towards the transformation of our economic systems.”

Tatiana Glad – CEO of Impact Hub Network


These organizations bring their expertise, networks, and resources to drive the project forward. Additionally, partnerships with government bodies, educational institutions, industry experts, and other stakeholders play a crucial role in the success of CirculUP!. Their involvement contributes to the holistic approach of the project and facilitates cross-sector collaboration.

By bringing together capacity building, incubation, awareness, and policy advocacy, CirculUP! aims to catalyze a systemic shift towards circularity in Armenia. Through the concerted efforts of the key players and stakeholders, the project aspires to create a sustainable and inclusive future where Circular Economy principles are embraced, leading to environmental preservation, economic growth, and societal well-being.